This is where I’m going to let you in on a handy secret I’ve just recently discovered and have implemented into my trading system in order to earn between $80 and $150 an hour using binary options trading.

Binary options, for those who aren’t familiar with it, is a way of trading things like currency, commodities, stocks, and more with a fixed rate of return. All the trader has to do is decide whether the price will go up (known as a “call option”) or go down (known as a “put option”). The options will most often expire after around fifteen to thirty minutes.

With my system, I stick to trading only EUR/USD for one simple reason: I’ve discovered that a special trading platform exists where 60-second trades are permitted on EUR/USD offering a 76% fixed return.

What makes this so special is that the EUR/USD currency pair fluctuates in a very predictable way within a certain range of decimal places. This translates into the trader being guaranteed to win one out of five trades, guaranteed 100%, so long as the trades are structured in a way that provides for a net profit.

If this sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry. It’s all quite simple if you follow these Steps. The first Step: Open an account with the single platform offering options that expire in 60 seconds. This platform is called TradeRush.

1.First things first – click the image below to go to the TradeRush website and get started.

2.Clicking this image will take you directly to the TradeRush site, where you will be directed to complete a form on the right side of your screen (see below for how it should look). After filling out the form, click “OPEN ACCOUNT.

3. Next you’ll see what’s shown in the screenshot below. You can see the currency you’ll be using, the US dollar, circled in blue. As long as you’re able to deposit $200, you can create a new account – that comes out to around £140 at the time this was written. But let me tell you something not many people know: If you deposit at least $250, then head over to the live chat feature and write the bonus code “50freebonus,” an additional 20% will be added to your account balance.

To begin, enter the requested information and click on SUBMIT.

4.Afterward, you’ll see the page displayed below. Let me explain how you can ask for a demo account, including a balance of $500, that will be active for a full twenty-four hours. You can use this demo account freely during that period of time without having to make an actual deposit using your money.

**IMPORTANT** TradeRush doesn’t offer the option of having a demo account to most traders, but a contact I have with the company explained to me that going to the live chat feature and typing “DEMO500” will bring you exclusive access to one of these helpful demo accounts that will allow you to take the system for a test run.

By this time, you should have your very own demo account with a balance of $500. Now it’s time to put my system to the test before you decide whether to invest with your money. Whenever you feel you’ve got the hang of it, click the “deposit” tab to begin trading with real funds.

To sum it up, just click the image below to go to the website and follow my instructions to the letter – and you’ll be all set with your own demo account.

Now it’s time to talk about strategy.

Step 1

The tab you’ll want to click on is labeled “Binary Options” – it’s circled in the image shown below. After clicking on it, choose “EUR/USD” and you’ll then see a column labeled “Popularity”. This column contains vital trader insight information.

**IMPORTANT**Always choose to follow the greatest percentage of traders when making decisions. For example, here the trader insight information is indicating that the EUR/USD exchange value is likely to go up, which means you should choose a call option.

Don’t forget this information when you continue to Step two.

Step 2

Odds of winning: 57.4%

Next, click on the tab labeled “60 Seconds”. I’ve made sure to circle the tab in red below so you can see where to click. Then, look at the dropdown menu located on the right of the screen and choose EUR/USD. After that, from the dropdown menu labeled “Investment” on the left side of your screen, choose $5 for your first trade. Then choose “CALL”, meaning you think the value is going to go up, and select “START”. The platform will give you the option to cancel or approve your decision for a few seconds after making it, and after three seconds have passed, your trade will be live and a 60-second timer will begin to count down below the trade.

If the trade goes in your favor, your profit will amount to $3.50.

If you end up WINNING, go back and repeat the first two Steps.

If you end up LOSING, continue to the third Step.

Step 3

Odds of winning: 79.1%

Check to make sure that you’re still using the “60 Seconds” tab and that you have still selected EUR/USD. Only this time, choose $15 from the “Investment” menu (marked in red in the image below).

As in Step two, choose a “CALL” option and select “START”.

If the trade goes in your favor, you will get $10.5 – enough to cover your $5 in losses from Step two, and give you a profit of $5.5 in total.

If you end up WINNING, go back and repeat the first two Steps.

If you end up LOSING, continue to the fourth Step.

Step 4

Odds of winning: 98.9%

For this trade, choose $50.

As in Step three, choose a “CALL” option and select “START”.

If the trade goes in your favor, you will get $35 – $5 and $15 (total $20) in losses from Step three, and give you a profit of $15 in total.

If you end up WINNING, go back and repeat the first three Steps.

If you end up LOSING, continue to the last Step.

Step 5

Odds of winning: 100%

It’s rare to get to this fifth Step, but it’s actually a positive thing.

This Step can be a bit tricky and will require you to move quickly, but that’s exactly why it’s such an effective part of this strategy. First, follow all steps as usual to set up your trade, but choose an investment of $100. Then, as swiftly as possible, approve that $100 trade and set up another trade, this one for $25, immediately, and select “START”.

By trading $125 between two simultaneous trades with the same entry points, it becomes possible to make an more profit. Look at the image below, where I’ve circled the entry points in red – you can see they’re almost the same, with a difference of just 0.00001.

Notice that the payout for the first trade is set at $170, and for the second trade, $42.5. That makes the return a total of $212.5, which is enough to cover the $5, $15, $50 and now $125 investments with a profit of $17.5 overall.

As long as you are following this method to the letter aswell as the golden rules shown below Step 5 your odds are 100% of winning this trade.

Some people may be wondering how something that sounds so easy can actually be true. The fact is, there’s a little more to it than these five Steps. It’s also imperative to follow a couple of simple guidelines, which I call the Golden Rules.

If the popularity rating, or trader insight, displays as even, DON’T TRADE. It’s very important that there is a bias of some sort in one direction, even if the difference is only 2%. That seemingly tiny difference is everything when it comes to trading currency.

You absolutely have to be quick. Trading is a very fast-paced thing, and it’s necessary to move fast in order to catch a winning trade within a decimal base of five points. This rule especially applies to the fifth Step. Try to match my quick but manageable pace as shown in the video right here on this page.

Using a mouse instead of the trackpad on your laptop might be one way to increase your speed. Or if your mouse lags and drags, it is very important that you invest in a higher-quality mouse.

The importance of speed cannot be emphasized enough. If you get up for a cup of coffee between trades using this method, it’s likely you’ll miss out on the all-important entry point that is the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful trade. Your odds will drop immensely – by as much as 50% – if you aren’t quick, so BE ON YOUR TOES!

Once you start trading, stick with the direction you began with until you win. Don’t change in the middle while you’re between Steps two and five. If you began with a put option, continue with put options. Do not switch over to call options in the middle. Doing so can hurt your odds of winning by as much as 50%.

After every successful trade, remember to ALWAYS go back and check the popularity to see if it has changed (see Step one).

Do not stray from the stakes laid out in the above strategy. Getting greedy is easy to do, but greed WILL result in failure.

And that is my Smart Profit System.